“The Devil”, our navy strength gin @57% ABV has won accolades in the prestigious Australian Gin Awards for 2022.

The company’s navy strength gin was awarded a bronze medal in the OverProof (Class 5) award category, which was judged in August this year.

This medal is another a great achievement for Blue Mountains Gin Company, which has been operating since mid-2021 and is rapidly gaining a following among gin lovers within and beyond the region and aligns with the awards given in 2021 to our Mountain Devil Classic Gin and Mountain Devil Black Label Gin.

These awards are conducted by the Australian Gin Distillers Association,  and are allocated by an experienced, highly qualified group of judges under strict rules, including ‘blind’ tastings supervised by stewards.

During the past year, the number of Australians drinking spirits has increased by 3.7% to nearly 6.3 million, nearly one-third of the adult population.

With wine sales also rising and beer trending downwards, wine and spirits are becoming the tipples of choice for many Australians. Meantime, boutique beers are winning over consumers in that market segment.

These changes mark a shift in public taste towards less-generic alcoholic drinks that offer a great taste experience, that is, people are tending to ‘drink less, drink better’.

The Devil Gin