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Blue Mountains Gin Company: The Mountains in a Bottle

What We Do

Blue Mountains Gin Company is the first provider of craft spirits to be based in the Blue Mountains. We are a local company dedicated to artisan gin & vodka as the basis for a growing spirits drink business synonymous with the mountains.

Our Mission

To foster the Blue Mountains’ role as the home of bespoke spirits made with the special dedication and care that modern micro-distilleries apply to this traditional craft.

Our Vision

To be recognised as a leading artisan spirits producer and lead the way for development of this industry in the Blue Mountains.

Our Method

Develop, promote and sell the finest quality, innovative spirits devised to highlight outstanding aspects of the Blue Mountains.

Who we are

Jann and Harry Dillon, owners of the Blue Mountains Gin Company

Jann and Harry Dillon, owners of the Blue Mountains Gin Company

The Blue Mountains Gin Company is a business, run by locals who have lived in Katoomba for more than 30 years. We love the mountains and are great enthusiasts for spirits: the Blue Mountains Gin Company melds these two passions.

Great time and effort has goes into making these spirits, which we believe are as palatable and memorable as any craft spirits in the market today.

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We adhere to the micro-distillery approach that is revving up small-batch spirits production in many parts of Australia, particularly the regions, and spear-heading a remarkable ‘gin-aissance’ of this amazingly versatile liquor.

We also support this industry’s emphasis on quality alcohol consumption, that is, to ‘drink less but drink better’ in a responsible way.