We here at the Blue Mountains Gin Company think our gins are pretty cool, and this was beyond doubt during a recent snowy day in the mountains. The photo at right shows our new releases – Mountain Devil Classic and Mountain Devil Black Label – in the snow at Katoomba.

The white flakes came down on June 10, amidst an early winter cold snap that brought unusually low temperatures and plentiful snow to some parts of New South Wales. Falls lasted all day at Katoomba and thousands of visitors came from Sydney to see it.

Falls were heavier in some other locations, including further west in high parts of the Great Dividing Range. At 1017 metres, Katoomba is neither the highest nor, on average, the coldest part of the state.

Snow hits Katoomba on a few days each winter, creating a postcard-pretty landscape etched in white. But it’s usually not cold enough for snow; for example, July temperatures average between two and 12 degrees. Typical winter days are cool to warm-ish, which makes snowy days really special!

But proximity makes the upper Blue Mountains an easy day trip for Sydney-siders wanting a sojourn away from the city.

They’re attracted by features that make the mountains unique: wilderness, cliffs, climate, atmosphere. Our gins celebrate everything that’s special about this region and aim to promote it as a great place to live and a fantastic place to visit.

Mountain Devil Gins – The Spirit of the Mountains

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