Blue Mountains Gin Company now has five products in its range, after last year launching two initial lines.

The original products, Mountain Devil Classic Gin and Mountain Devil Black Label Gin, still lead the range.

They have been joined by Mountain Devil Magic Gin, The Devil Gin and Wild Dog Vodka. All are sold in 700ml bottles.

An infusion of the butterfly pea flower gives Mountain Devil Magic Gin its vibrant blue coloring and sweet herbal tang. Magic Gin showcases the pea flower’s party trick of color shifting towards pink-magenta when its acidity is altered by tonic or various other additives.

The Devil Gin is an enhanced expression of our Black Label line, with a fiery red color attesting to its 57% alcohol content and upfront flavour burst of pepper and chilli.

Wild Dog Vodka is an amiable spirit that will buddy up with anything tasty in your glass. Its full-bodied smoothness amply satisfies as a straight drink, on the rocks or in the mix for a wide world of cocktails.

All five products are available at selected retail liquor outlets in the Blue Mountains. The Mountain Devil range is available in selected outlets in the Greater Sydney region.

Our Classic and Black Label gins can be purchased online via this website.

At this time the other three lines are not for sale via the site. Here is a list of our stockists.

The five products in the Blue Mountains Gin Company range.